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Cryotherapy Gel Pad Insert for Orthopedic Boots

Cryotherapy Gel Pad Insert for Orthopedic Boots

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Need quick pain relief from your foot or ankle injury?

When it comes to foot or ankle injuries, some doctors require us to wear a walker boot. This way, we can still stand or pivot without aggravating our joints. Unfortunately, the healing process can take some time and you'll likely still feel some discomfort every now and then.
They say hot or cold therapy is good for a healing joint. However, applying compress on the affected area is difficult when you're required to keep your walker boot on for hours a day. Is hot or cold therapy still possible while wearing your boot?

Reduce pain from a foot or ankle injury with the DMEforLess Walker Boot Gel Pad!

Our gel insert for walker boots is designed to promote healing for injured patients that are not completely bed bound. They reduce pressure on the ankle and lower calf, so you can stand and move around without experiencing too much pain.
This universal gel cushion is made of comfortable materials that have moisture-wicking properties. By transporting sweat away from the skin and providing good air circulation, it helps prevent odor and prevents skin shear.
Made with tough materials, our walker boot gel pad is designed for repeated use without easily getting damaged. It is also easy to clean simply by wiping its exterior off with a damp cloth.
  • Here are additional reasons to make you love this gel pad:
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Non-irritating and gentle on skin
  • Soft and stable to stand on
  • Stays heated or cold for a long time
  • Can be used for other parts of the body
Numb pain and relax your muscles while you heal. 
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