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Ulnar Gutter Splint - Boxer Fracture of the Pinky and Ring Finger

Ulnar Gutter Splint - Boxer Fracture of the Pinky and Ring Finger

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Protect and stabilize 4th or 5th metacarpal fractures with this ulnar gutter splint that can be heated and molded for a custom fit. This boxer fracture splint is suggested for uncomplicated fourth and fifth metacarpal fractures, including Boxer's fracture. Use for support once the fracture has partially healed and some stability has been regained.  

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    A ULNAR GUTTER SPLINT LIKE NO OTHER -¬†This boxer fracture splint is the only one of its kind that can be customized for a tailored fit. Simply warm the splint with a hair dryer to adjust the positioning and achieve added support. It can also be used as-is, setting your metacarpal joint at 75¬į of flexion, while still allowing your index finger and thumb to perform minor tasks throughout healing process.

    STABILIZES & PROTECTS YOUR INJURY - Keep your injury immobilized and protected after a fracture with the boxer fracture splints rigid, low density yet lightweight outer shell.

    PADDED FOR COMFORT - The inside of this brace is fully lined with a soft, dense foam for comfort and protection.

    AVAILABLE IN SHORT OR LONG VERSIONS -Use the long version when additional wrist immobilization is desired. Please be certain to check sizing for your proper size.