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Ulnar Gutter Splint - Boxer Fracture of the Pinky and Ring Finger

Ulnar Gutter Splint - Boxer Fracture of the Pinky and Ring Finger

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    The Boxers Splint is the only off-the-shelf boxer fracture brace that can be customized to fit your hand perfectly. It's available in four sizes and two lengths, so you're sure to find the right one for you. This customizable Ulnar Gutter Splint is made of a lightweight, breathable material that's comfortable to wear, and it has a padded area that protects your injured area. It's also easy to put on and take off, so you can get back to your life as quickly as possible.

    Ulnar Gutter Splint: 5 Benefits for Boxer Fracture Recovery

    • Customizable fit¬†- This ulnar gutter splint can be heated and molded to create a custom fit for your hand. This ensures that the splint provides the best possible support and comfort.
    • Effective for a variety of injuries¬†- This splint is effective for a variety of injuries, including:
    1. Uncomplicated fourth and fifth metacarpal fractures
    2. Boxer's fracture
    3. Dupuytren's contracture
    4. Trigger finger
    5. Intrinsic hand contracture
    6. Broken knuckles or jammed fingers of the pinky or ring finger
    • Stabilizes and protects your injury¬†- The rigid, low-density outer shell of this splint provides strong support and stabilization for your injured finger. This helps to promote healing and prevent further injury.
    • Padded for comfort¬†- The soft, dense foam lining of this splint provides comfort and cushioning for your skin. This helps to reduce pain and irritation.
    • Available in short or long versions¬†- The long version of this splint provides additional wrist immobilization. This is helpful if you have also injured your wrist.

    FAQ's and commonly asked questions about the Boxer Fracture Splint:

    How to Apply the Boxer's Fracture Splint

    1. Wash and dry your hand.
    2. Choose the splint that best fits your hand.
    3. Heat the splint with a hair dryer until it is warm.
    4. Mold the splint to the shape of your hand.
    5. Secure the splint in place with the straps.

    How to customize the Boxer Fracture Splint

    While the splint is not being worn, heat with a hairdryer for 15-30 seconds, being careful not to heat the metal portions of the brace. Once cooled, apply the splint to your hand and apply pressure to mold the plastic for a snugger fit. Making sure the splint is not to tight or to loose.

    More Tips:

    • The splint should cover the injured area and extend beyond it on both sides.
    • The straps should be tightened enough to keep the splint in place, but not so tight that they restrict circulation.