If you’re constantly suffering from poor posture, one little change can make a ginormous positive impact on your health and how you feel. There is a direct correlation between having great posture and your confidence, how people perceive you -- and your spine health, blood flow - and more. Improving your posture is an easy process, thankfully. You can start by learning the best way to bend & lift.


You can’t argue with bio-mechanics. The greater the horizontal distance between your head and your feet, the harder your muscles have to work and the more strain is placed on your joints…especially your low back and spine.
Bending down or lifting up, pay attention to keeping your head over your feet (not forward of your feet). Keep your pelvis and torso as close to the center of where you’re standing as possible, to maximize stability and minimize damaging stress or strain.
Imagine a center-line coming up from between your feet. Then, from the ground up, focus on stacking each PostureZone.

PostureZone 1: Feet and Lower Extremity
  • Plant feet shoulder width apart. Shoes make a big difference
  • Bend your knees
  • Lift with leg power, and…
PostureZone 2: Pelvis
  • Tuck your pelvis to engage your core
  • Carry close to your center, as you
PostureZone 3: Torso
  • Try to keep your back straight. Avoid hunching over
  • Shoulders back & down
  • Get a good grip, and….
PostureZone 4: Head
  • Look straight ahead. Your nose should follow your toes.
  • Align head over shoulders

Practice bending and lifting to train new habits.   

Keeping your body alignment in mind, create better bending and lifting habits by practicing with good form several times.

Wearable Posture Reminders

There are also high-tech wearable fitness trackers and app-driven posture awareness tools like Lumo Lift to remind you when you slouch.
Although most people know posture is important, it is difficult to remember to maintain good posture. Especially with the increased amount of time people spend sitting. Posture reminders help you to be more self aware of your body positioning, helping you develop and maintain great posture habits.
Being aware and choosing how you move helps to strengthen posture as you carry out normal activities.

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