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Our Affiliate Program Means Cash for You!

Partnerships in life, whether it be personal or professional, are key to helping navigate the trials and tribulations presented to us in the most successful way possible. Given this, partnerships that pay off in cash are even better! Our affiliate partnership allows those clinics, be they physiotherapy clinics or medical practices, to align with our team and to be rewarded with 10% of the sale -- just for being a partner! An opportunity to expand your ROI and provide your patients with fast, affordable high-quality medical devices is truly a win for all involved- from patients, to care providers.
Let’s work together!

What does it mean to partner with us?

  • Absolutely free to join our affiliate program
  • Earn 10% commission from the order amount (this is huge!)
  • Your link will allow you to collect commission whether your client/patient purchases immediately, or comes back at a later date
  • Top quality products with industry-best pricing
  • Free same-day shipping on all orders place before 2 pm EST
  • Marketing assets at no extra charge - such as QR code stickers to your affiliate link branded to you & graphics for your social platforms

A partnership that truly supports and elevates you is one that you can feel confident in. Our team has years of experience and strives to help people feel better, faster, and always for less! We have a massive inventory of top-tier products that are fully backed by a 30-day warranty so you can feel assured that the medical devices your clients are purchasing are going to help them on their road to recovery, alongside your expert care.
Once you become a member of our affiliate program you will be assigned a unique link for your website that will bring your clients directly to our products, and in turn, will allow you to make money off every purchase. You can feel confident that your clients will be well taken care of as we provide free consultations, excellent customer service, and stand fully behind our products. We have been supporting doctors, clinics, and their patients for over 20 years, so you can feel assured that you are aligning with consummate professionals with a passion for helping people.
It’s as simple as signing up, receiving your link, and then looking forward to payday! We are excited to have one of the best programs to maximize your ROI and we can not wait to share it with you! We’ve always been here for you to provide high-quality medical equipment and supplies - and now we are here to help put some extra cash in your pocket.
Our team is passionate and committed to helping people feel better, faster, and for less! Now we have added meaningful and fruitful affiliate partnerships as well. Visit our Facebook page or give us a call at 888.681.7456 to get more details- and more revenue.
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