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How do I Find The Medical Boot for Foot Injuries?

DMEforLess Offers Affordable Medical Equipment
There are countless injuries and medical conditions that can affect the health and stability of your lower extremities. This can make it difficult to stand and walk because you do not have the proper support or muscle strength. DMEforLess can help you overcome these obstacles with our selection of medical equipment, like walking boots and braces. These devices provide the support your lower body needs to handle daily activities like walking, standing, getting up from a chair, etc. If your doctor has suggested you use equipment like this, don’t feel forced to purchase directly from the hospital, as these often come with a markup. Rather, order directly from our online store to find affordable options. You can reach out to us if you have any questions.
Conditions that Require Walking Boots or Braces
There are many different conditions that may require you to wear a medical walking boot as you heal.  This includes severe ankle sprain and stabilized ankle fractures, foot fractures, broken toes, shin splints and plantar fasciitis to name a few.  Often walking boots take the place of a cast, allowing you have easier access to bathing or performing any physically therapy that your doctor may prescribe.  Ankle braces can also be used to prevent injuries in the future. Your doctor may also suggest certain types of braces to provide support for foot deformities that make it more challenging to walk. In addition, chronic conditions can lead to degeneration of joints and muscles, which can limit your strength and abilities. Specialized braces and walking boots can help stabilize and support your lower body and allow you to get around independently.
Do I need a short walking boot or tall? 
Medical boots come is many options.  Short boots are often best when there is a toe or foot injury.  This protects to injured areas while allowing you more mobility. Tall boots are often used for ankle injuries, because the taller feature locks your ankle at a 90 degree angle.
Why use an air boot version?
The air bladders create a custom fit that you can control with the built in walking boot pump.  This can be adjusted to inflate or deflate as you prefer and to accommodate various swelling patterns.  As you walk the air moves up and down your leg, ankle and foot.  Creating a massage like effect.
Non Air boots - Economy versions that help heal without the air feature.
We Offer a Variety of Medical Equipment for Less
The type of equipment or brace you need will vary depending on the condition or injury you are experiencing. Our online store offers a variety of equipment at affordable prices. We remove the middleman and ship items directly to you, so you aren’t forced to pay an inflated price. Our team provides fast shipping throughout the US and Puerto Rico, delivering items right to your door. Some of our top brace and support products include:
  • Foot Orthotics: Foot orthotics can be used to help foot pain when you stand or walk. These devices help to support your feet and provide comfort if you're on your feet for a prolonged period of time.
  • Ankle Support: If you‚Äôve ever sprained your ankle, you know how long it can take to heal. Our ankle support braces can help provide additional stability as your injury heals and can also be used to help prevent future injuries.
  • SMO (Supra-Malleolar Orthosis): These devices are used to provide support for flexible foot deformities. They are most commonly used in children who have feet that are heavily pronated or roll inward.
  • Wheaton Brace: A Wheaton brace is used to treat a common deformity that is present from birth, known as metatarsus-adducts. This condition causes the front half of the foot to turn inward. The Wheaton brace may also be used to correct clubfoot.
  • AFO (Ankle Foot Orthosis): An AFO provides support and stability if you have weakness in the foot or ankle. These devices are made from very rigid materials and extend below the sole of the foot and up the back of the calf muscle. We offer many different types of AFOs to meet the needs of every patient.
  • Relief Kit: includes a low air walking boot, hot/cold gel padand sock. The gel pad is mainly used for cold therapy to reduce swelling and pain. The sock is built with special fibers that pull heat away from the body, does not wrinkle and is washable.¬† This helps keep the boot liner free of dead skin cells, sweat, body fluids sometimes creates when wounds are healing.
 Browse Our Selection of Products
If your doctor has suggested a brace or walking boot to support your feet and legs, you have options for where you want to purchase these items. Often, when you buy these products through the hospital, you are forced to pay a significant markup. Our team provides the same quality products without the expensive price tag, helping you save money on the items you need. We even accept payment from your HSA, making paying for your items even more convenient. Please browse our selection to see first-hand the savings you can find by purchasing through our online store. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or need help applying or using your new brace.
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