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Get Rush Play Ready

With football season here you may be blocking off your Sundays to watch the games, or you may be getting yourself or your child(ren) ready for their season. Regardless of your relationship with the sport — player or spectator — one thing is for sure; injuries are common amongst players. Whether you are looking to mitigate those injuries, or if the injuries that pop up during the season remind you of your own aches or pains, there are several braces that can help to ease the discomfort that comes with these common sports injuries.

Knee Pain: A common sport/exercise injury, studies have suggested that wearing a knee brace during games and practices can help to reduce the risk of knee reinjury. A brace will stabilize the knee, as well as take the load from the injured knee, preventing pain or further injury. Hinged knee braces provide the most stability for football players. With one or two hinges running alongside the knee, the hinges provide support and versatility, making it a favorite for football players. Linemen are especially prone to knee injuries, so wearing a hinged knee brace can help to provide support while coming off of a surgery or injury, or just to provide ligament protection.

Elbow Injuries: Another common football injury relates to elbow dislocation and/or associated elbow pain. Wearing an elbow brace during play can help to increase the range of motion while protecting against injury and increased subsequent pain. Not to be dismissed, wearing a brace can also help to build confidence on the field as the player is not distracted by wondering about the “what ifs” while they are playing through the game. While no brace can guarantee the absence of injury, the benefits certainly warrant wearing them — whether that be community players or professional athletes.

Ankle Injuries: The best way to prevent repeated ankle injuries is to wear an ankle brace. After one twisted ankle, there is an increased likelihood of future occurrences. Ankle injuries are one of the most frequent types of sports injuries. As the adage goes, the best offense is a good defense, and getting ahead of potential injuries can help to improve performance on the field. Recognizing your body’s needs and providing the support it needs can help to ensure success on the pitch!

Function over fashion! Wearing a brace for your body’s needs can help ensure you stay in the game you love for as long as possible. Our passion is providing much-needed medical devices to our clients at a price that satisfies their budget! Visit our Facebook page or give us a call at 888.681.7456 to see how we can help you feel your best while you play the sport you love!

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