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Finding the Right Knee Brace for Your Needs

Knee issues are some of the most common joint pains that people experience. From athletes to aging, the tenderness and stiffness that can come with knee discomfort can make daily movements difficult, as well as affect your participation in the activities and exercises you would typically enjoy. For many, relief comes from treatment from a physical therapist; however, in addition to this, many folks find that partnering their PT sessions with the regular use of a knee brace gives them the relief they need to enjoy life and all the activities that life brings, in relative comfort.

The benefits of wearing a knee brace:

  • Provides stability
  • Offers more support
  • Improves ‚Äúknee confidence‚ÄĚ
  • Increases mobility
  • Reduces excessive movement
The general purpose of a knee brace is to support and stabilize the knee to help reduce excess movement and help to prevent further injury, or to prevent existing injuries from worsening. Depending on the source of your knee pain, different braces are ideal for helping you to overcome the discomfort your knee is causing you. From osteoarthritis to athletic injuries to sprains or tears, each source of knee pain will require a different style of knee brace. With a combination of PT and the usage of a knee brace, the duo-treatment can help with your particular knee issue.

Knee braces can range from a pull-on sleeve style brace to one that is more structured and includes hinges and straps to help support and stabilize the knee. Whether it’s sleeve-style, wrap-style, hinge-style or another style of knee brace, the one that is best suited for you is dependent on your injury and the needs that you require from your brace.
  • Sleeve Style: Slips on, are best for osteoarthritis. Provides additional support.
  • Wrap-Style: Best for patellofemoral pain syndrome. Can significantly help with pain management.
  • Hinged Brace: Best for ACL sprains or tears. Can improve function and healing time.
  • Knee Strap: Best for tendonitis. Can help to reduce swelling.
Regardless of the knee brace you require, choosing one that isn’t bulky, yet provides adequate support is essential. Depending on the intensity of pain, the activities one participates in, and the extent of the current injury will help to dictate the brace that will best serve the purpose. Choosing your brace is best done in consultation with your PT and our expert team -- we are here to help get you back to living your life to the fullest. (Did you know we even offer Zoom consults at no charge to help you get your perfect fit?)
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